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Today's oracle card: ABUNDANCE - Enjoy the bounty of life. Your supply is unlimited. Blessings are coming to you.

" The unicorns bring you great blessings of abundance and invite you to open your arms wide enough to receive it all. They remind you that you live in a world of plenty. All of the prosperity you have ever dreamed of or desired is right here for you, now. The resources you ask for are here in energetic form, waiting for you to allow them to manifest in your world. Dare to believe, and be open to receiving in unexpected ways. This rainbow unicorn calls on you to tear down the illusion of scarcity and know that you are an infinite being, receiving from an infinite source, in infinite ways. The universe is constantly expanding and creating, and waves of abundance are always flowing in your direction. When you are fully aligned with the Divine, your prosperity grows and flows unchecked too. You are of greater service to the world when you are living in a state of abundance. Live from this knowing today and let yourself receive. Feel the joy and positive expectation that comes with knowing abundance of all kinds is already here and more is on its way. Gives thanks for your wealth in advance, take aligned action when guided to, and invite your bounty to pour in." ~ Cordelia Franscesca Brabbs

Today's card: TRUST - Leap into the unknown. Have faith and move forward. Believe you will fly. " Your soul is calling on you to take a courageous leap of faith and launch into the unknown. You know deep down that you cannot stay where you are, doing the same things in the same way any longer. You know it is time for a change. It is time to get out of your comfort zone, to expand and to explore. Yet a part of you is hesitating. You feel as if you are at the edge of a cliff, not fully believing that when you take the leap, your wings will appear and you will soar. You may be putting off what you know yoy need to do. You may be avoiding things that scare you and making excuses to stay in your comfort zone. This winged horse wants you to know that she is here to support you and it is safe for you to make this change. She reminds you that you have free will and can make this choice. You can give in to fear, stay where you are and never find out what else is out there for you or you can have the courage and faith to take a risk. It is time to choose your dreams. Allow yourself to get excited about leaping into the unknown. Let go of control and choose a life of surprise. It is time ti throw caution to the wind, be courageous and trust. When you are brave and take a leap, your wings will appear and you will soar. " ~ Cordelia Franscesca Brabbs

" Last night I had a dream, the colour's were so beautiful and vibrant, I was in a place of total Peace and Love. Many of you my Soul family were there too, and the wonderful people of the village that I have spent time with on my travels around the World. We worked together joyfully. While some prepared the meal, some the drinks, others laid the table and provided entertainment. Everyone's needs were met, as we acted from our intuition and lived our purpose. Utilizing our talents in service of all. We sat by the fire side and told stories and shared healing. A bird perched on my shoulder to have a conversation, as we lived in harmony with the animals WE AS ONE!.  We had freed ourselves from the distractions of technology and Evolved Spiritually. Returning to a Natural way of being. In tune with Mother Earth and Father Sky, empowered by the Divine Source of All Life was  Paradise on Earth."

By Earth Angel Magick 

Copyright EarthAngelMagick All rights Reserved

Authors Note

I originally posted this on 02/07/2011 (0+2+0+7+2+0+1+1 = 13 (1+3) = 4

2011 was our last 4 year in Numerology. 2011 (2+0+1+1) = 4

2020 (2+0+2+0) = 4

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